About Me


A Java,Python,Javascript and Scala developer with the skills acquired in the mentioned order. Prefer Git for SCM, Ansible for IT Automation, AWS for cloud hosting, Guice for DI, Gradle,SBT for Build automation.

Student of Science:

Carl Sagan Astronomy, Paleatology, Theoretical Physics are my favourite subjects in Science. But I have very minimal indulgence these days with Science. My favourite scientist was Carl Sagan. He impressed not only as a scientist but as a Human with this stand on importance Science in society and Nuclear disarmament. His book Cosmos has a great impact on my life.


I have very extensive knowlegde on World War 2 and have studied multiple books multiple times. Well versed in Technical,Military and Political aspects of the war. Acquired decent exposure to the topic of Cold War too.

Political Inclination:

I started out as far left leaning student. But later as my knowledge grew I realized the short-comings of Socialism. Currently I consider myself as a Liberal who supports free market and regulated capitalism.